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A seminar about creating incomplete stories and how giving the consumer creative control can increase his engagement and invlovement with the brand.

A pocket full of study cases about ideas and story telling. A great speaker, but a little bit bored, and lots of ads from JWT to back up his point of view.


Without “Active Participation” we have no story


We learned that a great ideea is the one that lets you to touch the shit (do something with it.)

Study case Sr Amor – Salvation army Argentina
Save the Beach Trash Hotel – Corona Europe


Online – A way of participating in the ideea (not just real physical participation)

Heart of Puerto Rico – at the right time in the right place.


Opportunity in doing something that is not that important

In a very boring category message it’s all that counts

The thing to remember is that having an ideea is not sufficient, you have to have personality too. If you have them both you could make stories that people can be a part of them.

We discussed what constitutes a great piece of communication. A working seminar led by Al Mosley, Executive Creative Director at 180.

The brief was to bring a campaign, a piece of advertising, a line, an image, that we believe it is the most powerful piece of communication we encountered.

We shared almost 2 hours of fun, I and 17 students across Europe, with different taste and background.

Here are some of the campaigns. Please enjoy them:

I’ll come up with the other ads in a later post. Enjoy these for now. If you have a favorite ad, you can put a link in your comment and explain why you think it’s powerful.

4Ideas WebDesign

Ze list!



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